Yoav Tzioni law office

Yoav Tzioni is an Attorney-at-Law, Notary and a Certified Public Accountant.
He holds Bachelor (with excellence) and Masters (with special distinction) degrees in Law, and Bachelor and Masters degrees in Economics.
Tzioni's academic background in Economics, Finance, Accounting, Banking and Taxes have supported his specialization both in tax law and
in civilian and criminal tax litigation.

Tzioni has practiced, as an Accountant and an Economist specializing in the area of finance, later moving on to the banking system where he
was an assistant to the Mercantil bank's Deputy General Manager of Credit, and a deputy branch manager.

As a lawyer, Tzioni has specialized in managing discussions and negotiations with the tax authorities regarding tax assessment, as well as in criminal proceedings. Tzioni has represented taxpayers at all levels, from the Magistrate Court to the Supreme Court.